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Product experimentation at Facebook

My Role

Product Designer
Research, Planning, Product flows, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Prototyping, Experimentation

Timeline and Status


This work is under NDA.

My role

During my one year with the Connectivity Lab team at Facebook, I worked on various research, design and experimentation initiatives. Unfortunately, due to NDA reasons, I can't show the detailed work. However, this was a tremendous learning experience for me.


With this work, our primary objective was to thoroughly investigate the challenges related to infrastructure-level connectivity in emerging markets such as India, while also devising and testing innovative solutions.

Throughout the project, I was involved in two specific initiatives: the development of a Bluetooth mesh infrastructure and the creation of a comprehensive street address mapping system. To ensure the success of these endeavors, we worked in partnership with other teams such as Open Labs, Ads, Messenger, and Crisis Center.

Here are some brief notes about the major work I did during this time:

Offline mode for Messenger

We conducted an investigation into offline communication by leveraging the Bluetooth mesh infrastructure. Our focus was on developing offline modules for both Messenger and Messenger Lite applications. To accomplish this, we harnessed the power of Bluetooth 5's low energy capabilities, enabling us to establish a relay mesh network for rigorous testing of our proposed use-case.

Crisis Response on Messenger

With the help of tested BLE5 Mesh Infrastructure as above, the Crisis Response module integrated into Messenger aims to facilitate communication between individuals as well as between individuals and communities in regions impacted by infrastructure damage during both natural and civic crises.

Gamifying Open Street Maps

Our focus was on developing a product that would effectively encourage and incentivize users to contribute data points to OpenStreetMaps. At the time of my last involvement, we were in the process of defining a geo-tagging augmented reality mobile application, which was still in its initial phases of development.

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