Abhijit Chirde

Product Designer



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Experience optimization at Sky

My Role

UX Designer
Research, Planning, Facilitation, Product flows, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Prototyping, Usabilty testing

Timeline and Status

2022 - Present

This is an ongoing work and covered under NDA.

My role

As a UX Designer on Sky Digital Design team, I work on improving the digital commerce experience for Sky products, aiming to create an effortless journey for users. With a focused approach to UX Research, Design and CRO experimentation, we strive to achieve the business goals by providing delightful product experiences.








I work with a team of Designers and Researchers to enhance the user journeys with design and optimization experimentation catering to Sky's product lineup spanning popular offerings such as Sky Glass, Sky Stream, Sky Mobile,and others.

Sky Glass

Sky Glass is a top-tier TV hardware offering from Sky. It provides a seamless integration of Sky's content and services directly into a high quality TV hardware, offering users unparalleled convenience.

Sky Stream

Sky Stream is an exceptional addition to Sky's TV product lineup, offering an enhanced home entertainment experience in a compact form-factor.

Sky Mobile

Sky Mobile is a complete offering that seamlessly combines an e-commerce store with a mobile service provided by Sky.

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